Sunday, March 17, 2013

I am Diet for Larger Breasts?

While some of the breast size can change only the scalpel, the world is full of ideas how to fill a bra. Apparently adequate nutrition can help ...

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Breast ... Large or Small?

I think any woman's body is not given much time and attention as breasts. Bust has always intrigued men, including because it is the most marked difference between them and women, visible at first glance. Nature assigns us the different advantages of femininity, some of us get a little, others more than they wanted. And what do they think of all men?

Nature gave women breasts for a particular purpose. Thanks to them, they can feed their children milk. However, bringing to the role of breast nipple would be a great injustice. It is worth noting that the lactic glands take up little space, and the breasts are composed largely of fat.

It is irrelevant whether a woman has a size A or E, it can usually produce adequate for the amount of food your child. The same is true for all mammals - every female feeds her young, although no species can boast of impressive breasts. Bust in this form is only in the female of the species, which is simply in women.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Exercises for Breast

The breasts are certainly an attribute of every woman. Not necessarily have to be great to attention of number of men. Usually, just when they are firm, well-groomed, slightly raised and proportionate to the whole.

The breast care is important not only cosmetics, physiotherapy and massages, but also exercises the muscles, where they are "embedded".

Now we have the summer so we ensure that our breasts are impeccably presented in a skimpy bikini and fancy dresses. Here is a set of exercises that enable you to be grinding the shape of breasts and improve their appearance. They will help slow down the inevitable destruction and enjoy a beautiful and healthy appearance. Exercise more than once can work wonders ...

Monday, December 31, 2012

6 Ways for Bigger Breasts

Small breasts is a nuisance for a lot of woman. For those who would like to improve the appearance of breasts, here are six ways to make your boobs bigger and sexy.

Bust is synonymous with femininity. As is commonly believed, firm sizes and legitimate fertility and shows what can I say, attracts male gaze. Women endowed by nature very stately shapes are, however, ways that their breasts were also attractive and tempting.

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Phenomenon of Breast

Large, medium, small, spiky, soft, velvety and firm - are the words that describe the object of male love interest - our breasts. Not without satisfaction, we can say that they help us to control the men and wrapping them around your finger.

Some prefer a large "balloon", in which they could stare at for hours, admire and caress. Other fond of much smaller, but firmer, those that fit in your hand.