Monday, December 31, 2012

6 Ways for Bigger Breasts

Small breasts is a nuisance for a lot of woman. For those who would like to improve the appearance of breasts, here are six ways to make your boobs bigger and sexy.

Bust is synonymous with femininity. As is commonly believed, firm sizes and legitimate fertility and shows what can I say, attracts male gaze. Women endowed by nature very stately shapes are, however, ways that their breasts were also attractive and tempting.


This favorite kind of underwear women whose breasts determine the initial letters of the alphabet, and who want to show off a bit larger breasts. A well-chosen "puszap 'raises breast up and enlarges them, giving the impression that breasts are round and firmer.
The research shows that only one in five well-chosen Polka wears a bra. Meanwhile, appropriate underwear not only add beauty breasts, but also prevents you from trouble in the future.

Dressed tricks

Cover up small breasts can also be suitably chosen wardrobe. Blouses with frills, ruffles, żabotami, pockets or patterns around the bust optically widen it. Also, shirts or dresses envelope. Preferably in a bright color or made of shiny material.

Small breasts also allow to cover up blouse with small notches or turtlenecks. If nature has not endowed you very large breasts, remove the high necklines and dark, smooth and szmizjerek dresses.

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Exercises for bigger breasts

Chest belt is covered with muscles that through specific exercises, they become stronger. Thus, it becomes elastic bust and raised. Simple exercises you can do the same at home, such as pumps, squeezing the ball in front of him. The gym trainer presents you with the right set of exercises. Exercise will not increase breast spectacularly so, however, it will gain a nice shape and elasticity, and the muscles will improve them, which visually enlarge breasts. This method, however, requires a systematic approach.

Considerable importance is the right attitude. Even large breasts will look unattractive if you are hunched.

Massage will increase the size

Revolutionary method recommended by dr. Wieslaw Niesłuchowskiego is rubbing breasts ... snow. Cool a few minutes of massage causes the blood vessels to constrict and the blood reaches the deeper tissues. In this way, the skin is better nourished, and the breasts appear fuller and larger. According to the doctor, with regular massage, you can even enlarge breasts size.

A cold shower works!

It can be used as an alternative to rubbing with snow, which, after all, is not available with us all year round. Alternating cold and warm massage, ending stream of cold water tightens the skin and tightens it.

Cosmetics that firms

After each bath rub the breasts with gentle, circular movements bust firming cosmetics. Once a week, use a suitable mask improves the condition of the skin of the body parts.

In-office treatments can remove existing stretch marks and improve a little bust, giving it a nice shape.

For those who still can not accept his modest size, there is only the interference of the surgeon.

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